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Beyond The Bump offers Nursing & Doula services in the Fredericton and Saint John, NB areas.

Receive personalized support during your labour and beyond - suited to your specific needs.

Navigate birth and postpartum with confidence - feeling informed and empowered to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Why choose a Doula / Birth Support Nurse?


There is no denying the transformation that having the birth support of a trained Doula or Nurse can make during childbirth—a choice backed by evidence. Studies consistently demonstrate that continuous labor support from a Doula, distinct from hospital staff or social network connections, brings about remarkable benefits. Here's what you can expect:

  • 39% Decrease in Cesarean Risk

  • 15% Increase in Spontaneous Vaginal Birth

  • 10% Decrease in Pain Relief Medication Use

  • Shorter Labours by 41 Minutes

  • 38% Decrease in Baby's APGAR Score Risk

  • 31% Decrease in Mother's Dissatisfaction Risk  *Source

Add 10 years of experience as a Registered Nurse and you have everything you need for an informed and empowered experience!

Birth Support

Postpartum Support

Birth Support Package

  • A  Physiologic Review  - everyday patterns (the way we sit, move, and hold our bodies) impact the way you give birth. Lara will show you ways to move and tune into your body to help prepare you and baby!

  • Knowledge preparation for birth - we will make sure you know exactly what you want and how to communicate! Making sure your partner is on board and you feel totally informed.

  • Creating your birth plan - yes, this is important! It's a communication tool to be used by your whole team.

  • Labour coping techniques and hands-on labour support - I will be with you every step of the way!

  • Advocacy with health care providers and interpreting medical situations so you don't have to.

  • Partner support and education - they need it too!

  • Nursing - I will work within my scope of practice to ensure you have everything you need!

  • & so much more.

A doula providing support to a labouring person by applying pressure to the hips while she lays on her side.
"Having Lara present during the birth gave us such peace of mind, as she was an indispensable support person for both parents. She was an integral part of creating a calm, welcoming environment that we wanted for a day that can be nerve wracking, especially for first time parents."

Mattia & Emily, 1st Time Parents

Your Birth Support Package Details – In-Home &/or Hospital

All Birth Support Packages with Lara include the following services:


3 X Birth prep sessions (in-person or virtual) by 38 weeks

1 X Customized Birth Preparation Physiologic Plan

Attending your birth! On-call starting at 38 weeks, 24/7

Ongoing Text Support for all your questions

2 X  In-home Lactation /Postpartum Support appointments

Access to all of my labour support tools - TENS machine, Birth Sling, CUB support birthing stool, and, if birthing at home, access to my luxury birth pool (pay for your own liner and water hose as those are not reusable).

Bonus Included: All birth support packages come with continued access to the Empowered Birth Online Prenatal Class for the duration of your pregnancy.

Birth Support Doula Services are currently offered by Lara Proud, RN.
Price: $2,200 (tax exempt)
(many people can gain coverage through personal health insurance plans under In-Home Registered Nursing - this is the sole responsibility of the policy holder)

Lara providing lactation support to a new mom

In-Home Postpartum Support

  • In Home or Virtual options for support with a Nurse or Doula

  • Newborn care and assessments

  • Mother care and assessments

  • Infant Feeding  & Lactation Support

  • Hands-on assistance for breastfeeding and pumping

  • Education and evidence-based guidance surrounding infant feeding, newborn care, postpartum recovery, norms and abnormal findings for Mom and Baby.

  • Light snacks preparation, meal preparation

  • Light housework / chores (sweeping, laundry, etc)

  • Physical assessments for mom and baby

  • Resource referral for any physical or mental health concerns

  • Liaising with medical team for Mom and baby

Postpartum Services are offered by various members of our qualified team of professionals.
Price (subject to availability):
RN - $65/hr
LPN - $55/hr
Doula - $40/hr

We know that birth can be intimidating and overwhelming to navigate. There is so much information out there, and not all of it is evidence based. Let us guide you with professionalism and compassion - distilling the enormous amount of information out there into education and support that is relevant to YOU and your situation.


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