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Birth shouldn’t feel scary and out of your control – bring your baby into the world feeling prepared, supported, and confident every step of the way.

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Embarking on the journey of parenthood can be overwhelming, especially when Google searches yield conflicting information about pregnancy symptoms, birthing options, and postpartum concerns.


If the nerves surrounding labour and birth are leaving you uncertain and anxious, our comprehensive course is designed to ease your mind and equip you with the knowledge you need.


Our course not only goes above and beyond in preparing you for the birthing experience but also ensures that all those post-appointment questions find expert answers. You'll emerge from the course feeling educated, empowered, and supported—never judged for your choices. 


Join our community of like-minded parents, sharing and connecting as you navigate the exciting path to parenthood together.

By registering for Empowered Birth you will receive...

Evidence Based Modules

15 hours of evidence-based education covering every topic you need to know - broken into bite-size videos.

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Private Community

Lifetime access to our private, supportive community of Empowered Birth Clients.

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Info Booklet

100+ pages of resources, tools, and handouts to help guide you along your journey - yours to keep.

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Expert Guidance

13+ hours of specialist interviews on all perinatal and newborn topics.


Empowered Birth is available completely online for your convenience; with 15 hours of at-your-own-pace learning, specialist interviews, and a virtual community for support. Perfect for any Canadian family looking to as prepared as possible!

$199 + HST


Held regularly in Fredericton & Saint John. Each week before class the online videos will give you information at your pace,  then we deep-dive with the group into conversations, real-time demonstrations, and the practical application to help you feel ready for baby!

$350 + HST


Are you ready for an


  • Will I be able to ask Lara questions?
    In the online course, you will have full access to the private Beyond The Bump Parent Support Group on Facebook where I (Lara) moderate and answer questions alongside some super-experienced parents! In our in-person classes you will be able to ask Lara anything you are wondering about and benefit from hearing all of the other parents questions too!
  • Will you cover all of the info from other birth education classes?
    Yes, absolutely! This is a complete childbirth course with lots of extra information not always available in other courses. All info is relevant to Canadian parents!
  • When is the best time to take this class?
    It’s never too early to prepare! The information provided in this course will set you up for success through your pregnancy by giving you things you can do to prepare yourself now. Typically, people will start after their 20 week anatomy scan. Also, if you are just finding the online course at 38 weeks, that’s ok! You are able to binge watch all of the videos at your own pace. The best part? You will have access to all of it for 6 months. So, pregnant or postpartum you have a place to turn to for reliable answers and support. Reach out if you would like to discuss adding private 1:1 sessions for customized support! {CLICK HERE}
  • Will my partner benefit from this course?
    Absolutely! I highly recommend your partner join in alongside you when going through the course. They’ll be there when you are going through labour, so it helps if they also remember and repeat a lot of the training in those moments!
  • This is my second baby. Can I still gain knowledge from taking this course?
    YES! Maybe you want your second birth to go differently than your first? You need preparation for that. This course will help you become well informed to make the best decisions that are right for you. This course will review your birth options – preparation and support are key factors in how your birth experience will go the second time around! If you think you would benefit from more specific help, check out our Birth Support Packages or Book in for a 1:1 with Lara.
  • I know I want an epidural (or C-Section). Will I still benefit from this course?
    Definitely! You need this course just as much as a someone choosing an unmedicated birth. You need to know your options even with medication (there are a ton) and typically you will still feel some contractions before you can receive your epidural. This course will benefit you greatly! Not to mention all of the postpartum, baby care, and feeding info!
  • Lara is a nurse, so can I get health information specific to me?
    Lara is a Registered Nurse in the province of New Brunswick. By joining the Empowered Birth program you are not entering into a nurse-client relationship with Lara so she will not be able to provide you with specific medical advice. You will receive incredible amounts of information that is to be interpreted as informational purposes only and Lara will regularly encourage you to ask your primary health care provider for specific advice based on your situation. If you are a resident of New Brunswick and would like to book a private session with Lara to discuss your personal health information, personal health information, this can be booked HERE. All health information will be collected and stored according to Canadian federal and provincial guidelines for personal health information. None of the information within this course should be considered or mistaken for medical advice in any way.
  • What is your refund policy?
    I am pretty certain you will love it. In fact, this course is tailored around what parents told me they wanted and what they wish they knew. If you have done all you can as a participant and have been actively engaged but still find you have questions, let me know and I will make sure they are answered. I am here to help! There will be no refunds issued for this course once you register as you will immediately have access to the materials.

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