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If you are searching for the ultimate comfort measure tool for birth, you’ve found it!


This Birth Pool has been designed for exceptional comfort in labour and birth.


With 6 perfectly placed handles to labour in any position, an egg-shape to be able to easily drape yourself over one end while also spreading your legs behind you, 2” inflatable floor to protect your knees, 3 independent inflamable side chambers to fit the height you desire, and a built-in seat for positioning - this pool has it all!


Why use a birth pool?

Check out this amazing article from Evidence Based Birth here!


Rentals begin, typically, at 37/38 weeks gestation and the one-time rental fee covers 4 weeks of rental.


The rental includes the pool, liner, and a sump-pump to drain the water. You are responsible for purchasing the one-time-use products (drinking water hose, tap adapters, floor covers, etc).


An additional $100 deposit will be collected at time of rental and returned to you if no damage has occurred.


Pickup and drop off, as well as cleaning and ensuring no damage, are the responsibility of the renter.


$250+ HST

Birth Pool Rental

  • 4 weeks rental from the time of pick-up.

    $20/day late charge fee will be applied if longer than 4 weeks.

  • You will be given a guide on proper storage, setup, cleaning and takedown of the pool. If not adhered to, your deposit will be forfeited.

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