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Postpartum Hair Loss: Am I Going To Go Bald?

Updated: Feb 1

Postpartum Hair Loss

Seriously, now this? After growing a baby, birthing them, recovering, and keeping them alive for a couple of months…. Now I get to lose my hair? You are definitely not alone thinking this but here is a little more info on why it happens and how to minimize it.

Why does postpartum hair loss happen?

It’s another one of the “rights of passage” into motherhood that we just really don’t want to have to experience, but it happens for a reason.

During pregnancy our bodies stop the natural process of shedding hair (we actually lose about 100 pieces a day typically). That beautiful voluminous hair that you experienced in pregnancy is your body putting a halt on the shedding, making your hair thicker than usual! But, all good things come to an end and all of that hair you would have lost now decides to fall out, seemingly all at once.

Will I go bald?

Short answer, no! Usually along the hairline and toward your temples you’ll notice your hair thinning a little more. These are usually thinner areas of hair anyway so it can be a little more obvious in these spots. This really is a natural process and can happen anywhere from 3 – 6 months postpartum and last for a few months – it’s different for everyone!

If you feel like there is an excessive amount of hair loss, talk to your Health Care Provider about getting your thyroid tested. This is one of the reasons that losing your hair might be more than just postpartum hormones.

How Can I Help Postpartum Hair Loss?

There isn’t a magic list of what you can do to keep it from happening, thank you hormones, but you can try a few things to help control it:

  1. Getting the nutrition you need – protein and iron are essential during postpartum and having a deficiency can increase the amount of hair you lose. Other nutrients would be collagen, biotin, zinc, and vitamins C&E. I would highly consider working with a Registered Dietitian postpartum to make sure you’re getting everything you need – supplementing with different vitamins usually isn’t the answer.

  2. Shampoo less often – par for the course in becoming a new Mom anyway but this can help reduce the extra hairs coming out all at once. Oh, and think about switching to a mild shampoo to keep anything harsh away from your scalp.

  3. A Mom Cut – know why this has become a “thing”? The longer your hair the more it seems you’re losing. Getting a new haircut or style that can accommodate your new hair is a great way to make you feel better!

  4. Be gentle with the brush! Using a comb or a pick can help to be more gentle and reduce the amount of hair you lose.

Don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re losing more hair if you wear your hair up a lot – Rock your Mom Bun but know that all of the hair you’d naturally be losing through the day will come out all at once when you take your hair down. No need to panic!

Mom-Hacks for Hair Loss

Get yourself a Tubshroom – these things will keep your hair from clogging your tub drain.

Have a ton of postpartum hair regrowth? Check out this video I made on Instagram for how to manage your baby hairs when they are regrowing!

Use a Scrunchie or those special hair ties with no-pull are more gentle on your hair and reduce the amount of pull on your roots. The less tension you have on your roots, the less hair that will be pulled out before its time!

Postpartum hair loss is not something anyone looks forward to and it looks a little different for everyone. Just take solace in the fact that it is very temporary and you are not going to go bald… even if it feels like it sometimes. Hang in there and get your dry shampoo ready!

PS – another common reason for hair loss is the Witching Hour… Mom’s everywhere are pulling their hair out trying to get their baby to sleep. Take a read here for some tips on Managing The Witching Hour.


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