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What You Need To Know About Your Due Date

Due Dates - One Of The Most Popular Conversation Topics During Pregnancy

When it comes to pregnancy, few topics garner as much attention and anticipation as *cue dramatic music* your due date. Throughout your pregnancy, you'll find yourself asked about it countless times by well-meaning friends and family. And you too will be eagerly counting down the days until you finally meet your new baby! 

Feelings Of Uncertainy Around Your Due Date

As your due date approaches, you might start to feel a whole mix of emotions. Excitement, fear, and everything in between. You’re anticipating a big life change - these feelings are normal and expected! You might also start to feel anxious approaching the end.

I cannot tell you the number of times that I have had conversations with the clients who I am supporting and as 36 weeks approaches they say “I’m constantly wondering: will I have a baby in a week or in 6 weeks?!” The not knowing is by far the hardest part!

But here's the thing – amidst all the excitement of that upcoming date, it's essential to remember that the due date is just that – a suggested date that's been calculated based on the average gestation period of 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period. It's a calculated estimate, not an exact science. Your baby doesn’t have a calendar and they sure don’t know which day the doctor said they should be arriving. 

The Stats Around Due Dates

In reality, only a small percentage of babies – approximately 5% – actually make their grand entrance precisely on their due date. Crazy, right!? This can serve as a gentle reminder that due dates are more like “due windows” – think of them as a two-week time frame.

Personally, I told myself and my family that my due date was when I would be 42 weeks! This helped me a lot mentally. Especially knowing that over 75% of first time parents are into their 41st week of pregnancy before going into labour!

What To Focus On Instead Of Your Due Date

While the uncertainty surrounding the due date can be nerve-wracking, your mental space will be better spent by shifting your focus to preparing for a confident and empowered birth experience. Remember, your baby will come when they're ready, and focusing on feeling confident in your birthing and postpartum journey is far more important than fixating on a particular date.

So, as you eagerly await your baby's arrival, trust in your body's ability to bring your little one into the world when the time is right. After all, the due date is just a small part of your journey into parenthood!


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