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Pregnancy Brain – Forgetfulness In Pregnancy

Updated: Feb 1

Pregnancy Brain – Forgetfulness In Pregnancy

“I can’t think of the word!”

“I lost my phone… in my hand”

“This is the third time I’ve come in this room and I can’t remember why. Ughh”

“What is happening to me?!”

Sound familiar? Pregnancy Brain is REAL! 

There are plenty of names for pregnancy brain. Some call it pregnancy fog, placenta brain, or pregnancy forgetfulness. However, they’re all equally frustrating. 

Why Does Pregnancy Brain Happen?

Some believe that the hormonal shifts during pregnancy cause Pregnancy Brain. Biology has perfected your body’s ability to carry your baby over centuries of doing so. Because of that, we have many ‘programmed’ changes that happen automatically in our bodies through pregnancy! Just like the pregnancy hormone changes that occur the moment you become pregnant (see this blog), your body is working double-time to grow that baby.

  1. You need more energy when pregnant

  2. Sleep is interrupted

So, Is Pregnancy Brain Normal Then?

Yup! As normal as feeling like you are losing your mind can ever be. 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel though, because Pregnancy Brain is only a temporary thing. As soon as you have your baby it is immediately called “Mom Brain” and you can use that excuse for as long as you need to – or at least until baby is sleeping through the night. (In my case that’s yet to happen consistently at 2.5years)

In all seriousness, A Few Of My Top Tips To Fight Pregnancy Brain Are:

  1. Drink your water: you need to keep your brain and body hydrated. 

  2. Eat balanced snacks throughout the whole day: Not only for constant energy, but this can really help to keep the nausea and heartburn down

  3. Sleep whenever you can / want to: We are already all superheroes so there’s no point in fighting that nap you are desperate to take at 3pm.

  4. Use Your Memo App or Notepad on your phone: I literally had to write everything down (and still do) or I forget it as quickly as it came to me

  5. Laugh It Off and Accept It: This is just one of the many quirky things that happens during pregnancy and if you can laugh off the small stuff then it will make it a whole lot funnier when you find the remote control in the freezer and have no idea why it’s there. 

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